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Bukhara & Chef Quereshi – the culinary history of India

Bukharbukara-delhi-hotela is a Restaurant in Delhi.  ITC Maurya, Delhi is operating the restaurant that caters fine dining with awesome ambience.

Chef Imtiaz Quereshi was  born in a clan of well-known chefs to the Moghul Kings of India. Chef Quereshi was a predetermined to became a chef like his forefathers. When Imtiaz’s father died early, his mother apprenticed her seven-year-old son to her brother who was a famous chef of that time. Initially he started with low levy jobs, thus the young chef educated all the skill of the trade from his chief. During his tenure of Chef with his uncle, business prospered and progressively clients began to hunt for the young Chef Imtiaz. His uncle was quite disturbed and Imtiaz’s mother interceded to pull out her son from the internship – because the disciple was out-mastering his guru.


After that Chef Imtiaz joined a reputed food chain and soon he became the popular chef in the town. The restaurant also advanced an privileged status for catering all the main feast and parties in the town. Imtiaz proudly recollects his experience of catering for a banquet of 1000 pax attended by first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal  Nehru. Eventually Chef Imtiaz got into a deal with the ITC group of India . A top notch group which operates Sheraton brand of hotels recruited Chef as their head of Kitchen operations.  Chef Imtiaz was inspired to explore the legendary cuisine of the Moguls. He spent years in improving the formulas, christening it Bukhara. The food was introduced at a restaurant by the similar name at the ITC Maurya Sheraton – New Delhi.

Rest is the history of Indian Culinary Arts.

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Sustainable Practices in Hospitality Industry

Sustainability is defined as requirement of our generation to manage the resource base such that average quality of life that we ensure ourself can be potentially share by future generation. Development is sustainable if it envolves non-decreasing average quality of life.in other word it means making our planet more beautiful ,greener, pollution free, resourceful, happy earth living,organic,fresh air etc.

It explores relationship between sustainability programmes, guest participation& customer satisfaction.

The time has come that we should apply sustainable practices to our home,life as well. In this topic ,we are going to discuss about sustainable practices adopted by hospitality industry & how they have won the guest heart , satisfaction& brought profit& goodwill to hotel industry.

The hotel industry long established & continuous effort to control cost through sustainable practices such as limiting water & energy use has been given additional impetus as guest have become interested in having hotel reduce their source consumption& address their impact on environment potential benefit of sustainability.

Sustainable practices has given lots of profit& good will in the market. Now adays guest prefer those hotel practicing sustainability. every guest want greener ,environment friendly hotel.Marriott hotel for eg. has achieved several certification for its sustainable practices to make environment green. In 2011 hotel was named the greenest hotel company in U.K.

In my recent visit to ITC Gardenia hotel in Bangalore, I get to know that they got various award & certificates from Govt. agency as well as foreign agency for being sustainable  green hotel.they have been certified by many foreign & govt. agency. Such as U.S Green Building Council-LEED  Certification( leadership in energy & environment Design).

They are having their own wind mill for electricity generation for hotel& surplus electricity sold to karanataka govt. electricity board. They are having solar panel at roof top to heat water for kitchen & guest bathroom saving lots of electricity.

ITC Gardenia hotel are also using Organic grain,vegetables,fruit,milk by encouraging local farmer to produce them giving employability to them.

During hotel construction, big trees were uprooted& brought back& planted same  trees after construction.this was great effort  by the hotel for making environment green.

They also have water recycling plant,where they recycle used guest bathroom water& kitchen used water. Guest will be provided with paper laundry bags,recyclable slippers.

They are saving water through sensor system in bathroom, sensor weather control air conditioner to save electricity.

They also remind guest about saving electricity ,water in positive way like  thanks for switching off light, thanks for saving water ,thanks for not wasting paper, thanks for your effort in making environment more green& sustainable.

Hilton hotel world wide  publishes its  environment sustainability effort. In 2009 , (corporate social responsibility) ,CSR Hilton reduce waste by 20%  water use by 10%.

Most of the  hotel world wide follow various  sustainable practies to gain profit & achieve highest guest satisfaction. Some of them are:

1.Recycling of paper, uniform,linen

2. recycling of water

3. rain waterf harvesting &  use that water for hotel garden.

4.CFL,Led light bulb installation.

5 water saving fistures.

6.Linen & Towel reuse.

7.Use renewable source  or alternative source of energy like solar, wind energy.

8. use of paper bags, jute bags, biodegradable material.

9. Indoor plant, balcony gareden with hers,medicinal pplant which h guest can achieve during their stay.

10 . Modern chef are cultivating their own kitchen garden with fresh exotic hedrs like thyme ,oregano,lettuce,parsley,leeks,celery which they can use while cooking.

11. solar light in garden areas or pathways.

12. electric car or solar car for guest pick up by hotel.

Many hotel are using various reward programme to allow guest to partcicipate in environment friendly programme.Guest are willing to pay more to support  a hotel sustainable effort . some hotel experimented with incentive . a few years ago  Crowne plaza hotel in copen hagen ,Denmark offered a free meal to guest who would generate  10 watt-hours of electricity on Gym bicycle.

Starwood has added an incentive  twist to its towel& linen reuse programme by rewarding customer  participation with a dollar $5 voucher for Food & Beverage or similar loyality points.long staying guest can offer not to change linen everyday for earning extra loyality points.

Employee of the hotel can be engaged in energy reduction by providing incentive every month.incentive will motivate them to do their best to save energy & bring profit to hotel.

In the end ,I want to conclude that sustainable practices is not for only hospitality industry but for all the organization.this planet earth belongs to everybody, so its everybody responsibility to do their bit to save it & make it more environment friendly.

We owe lots to our forefather& we have to do lots to give our future generation better planet to live.the recent survey has found that there is link betwwn environmental sustainability , financial & market  performance, guest satisfaction, resource efficiency, best practices in water, energy, waste reduction,waste management.

We have to convert waste management into wealth management. Then everybody will do it honestly & earnestly.


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Overview of Hospitality,Tourism and Event Management Industries

Hospitality & tourism is one of the largest employment  generation industry  in the world.in recent scenario  Software Industry ,medical has less job opportunity than Hospitality.They are  part  of two side of same coin.

Hotel management professionals are preferred in all walks of life. Be it IT field , airline as cabin crew  members.study have proved that hotel management graduate are better equipped to handle guest with smile& service attitude.

Hotel management students are better equipped to handle difficult guest or customer.

They can work under pressure.passion is the way for hoteliers.they smile under difficult circumstances.They are trained to work for long hours.

Tourism industry is rapidly growing at fast pace.many sector like tours n travel, IRCTC,ITDC,tour guide  at various historical places assist guest in getting right information of the places .many courses like Diploma in hotel management,Diploma In Culinary Arts,Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery,Degree in Hotel Management& tourism,MBA in Hotel & tourism management  are getting popular in modern times.

Hospitality, tourism& Event management provide highest employ ability in recent times.

All hotel in metros city like Delhi.Bangalore Mumbai,Chennai require large pool of Human resource to fulfill their growing demand.

In recent times many software professional are changing their field towards hospitality sector. There is growing demand of Hospitality professional in foreign location like U.S,U.K,Australia,Canada,Singapore,Middle east etc. where they cal earn good amount of money in short period of time.

Students can also opt for cabin crew,air hostess,various job in airline Industry. Cruiseliner jobs also giving lots of opportunity to hoteliers.

Event Management is getting popular in recent times.The process of planning any event includes the process of managing event such as Ceremony, Trade show, business meetins, Award ceremony,dance shows,Celebrity show ,Stage designing,Cricket matches are organized my Event company.some of the popular Event management company are Wizcraft International entertainment, Event sprout, 3m, Cineyug entertainment, Percept D mark, Cox n king,E factor,Sercon etc.

Event management involves application of management practice of project management to the development and creation of conferences, events and festivals. It involves co-ordinating the technical aspects, planning the logistics, devising the event concept, identifying the target audience and studying the intricacies of the brand before the execution of modalities of the even that is planned to be done.

These Event company require large amount of Human Resource to cater to large group.

One of the exciting aspect of this profession is that one can get chance to travel the world ,meet all the celebrity ,taste all the cuisine of the world ,highly respectable profession,lots of fun n enjoyment.We are paid to enjoy all these thing that’s the best part of it.

Tourism industriy is second largest industry in the world.Tourism industry can be defined as Service Industry . It includes transportation,accommodation & services.

Job in Travel sector Include

1.Travel agencies

2. Travel wholesalers.


.4. Travel retailers/package tours

5.Business meeting& convention

6.Recreation & Sport.

Students can work in International travel agencies like Thomas cook,Cox n King,  make my trip, Yatra, Soitc, Goibibo, Expedia ,clear trip.etc. they all require large Hospitality professional who can understand guest & sell various packages to them.

Hospitality professional are preferred in all sector. All organization who are customer centric & wants to provide quality job to customer would prefer hospitality professional.

Hospitality,tourism& event management couse can be studied by any students.this is more practical oriented course& very easy to understand.This is skill oriented course& having various job opportunity in India &  abroad  in Hotel , Restaurant,Cruiseline,Event company,IRCTC,Travel agency,Airline etc.

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Emerging trends in culinary arts by ASK IHMCA

The culinary world is regularly developing, and chefs are always on the hunt of new innovative dish or additional procedure to bring their technique to the higher level. These most recent trends have been on the minds of some of the world’s leading chefs in recent years.

The following are the recent culinary trends:
The locally raised meats: using the locally raised meats from the farm is one of the newest trend. And chefs in modern days believe that when you buy the meats from local farm you actually ensure a promising future for local products. The main reason why the chefs are nowadays preferring local farm raised meat is that because of the freshness of the food that they are serving the guest.
Another very important culinary trend is kitchen garden now all the chefs are maintaining their very own kitchen garden were they could grow fresh vegetables and fresh herbs that are required for their kitchen which are very healthy and delicious.
Veggie desserts: lots of chef are trying incorporating the vegetables in dessert preparation so that it becomes a sweet savory deserts like granny smith apple pizza, black olives madeleines, black pepper strawberries, etc.
Classic international brunch: chefs in modern days are coming up with innovative international brunch menu where they include food items around the world. Some of the major attractions in brunch buffet setup are bagels, bacon, dutch baby pan cake,cinnamon rolls, crepe, dimsum, egg dishes such as eggs neptune,egg benedict, frittata, grillades, grits, salads, soups, souffles, tartines, roast meats. Etc.

Gluten free food: some people now a days are allergic to the wheat based products and people suffering from celaic disease are more and more concerned of their food with high gluten content in it. So chefs are coming up with a gluten free concept were they plan a gluten free menu which includes lots of ingredients which are free from gluten such as seeds, nuts, beans, egg, dairy products, fresh meats etc. Gluten free menu also includes lots of quinoa, buckwheat, soy, sorghum, millet based dishes etc.

Options of vegan: many people are preferring vegetarian food in this modern world as they believe eating meat is cruelty and unfair for the animals as they also feel the pain from the torture that they face in slaughter house. So chefs are planning menus which is free from meat and include t he ingredients that didn’t cause any suffering.

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Trending Restaurant Management by Prof.Bipul Kumar Mishra,ASK IHMCA

Catering and restaurant management is one of the many career options within the fast-paced world of hospitality. Workers in this profession oversee the daily operations of a variety of establishments in the food service industry.

Catering& restaurant management is one of the highest job giver in the country.people who have done diploma or degree in hotel management is doing wonder in this business.

Inside Catering and Restaurant Management

Catering and restaurant management can be an enjoyable field for customer service oriented individuals who enjoy doing something different every day. At a restaurant or catering company, a manager might be in charge of monitoring inventory and ordering supplies, hiring and training staff, working with chefs to create menus and dealing with customer issues. They should handle change and stress well, be organized and possess good problem-solving skills. Because most restaurants are open on evenings and weekends, individuals who work in this field should be flexible and willing to work long hours.

Restaurant management:

Restaurant management is the profession of managing restaurant.It involves lots of planning, organizing,,decision making,staffing,Directing,controlling,coordinating reporting,budgeting.They have to manage whole restaurant,Kitchen,Housekeeping,marketing,purchasing etc.As a key role within the Hospitality Industry,Restaurant management can be fast paced, highly demanding& Very rewarding.

Restaurant management combines strategic planning & day to day management activities such as shift management,staff management,guest management etc. Depending upon nature of outlet ,type of role can be creative aspect, particularly in marketing & business development.restaurant manager ensures that restaurant operate efficiently& profitable while maintaining their reputation& ethos.Managers are responsible for business as well as high standard of food& beverage service& maximum guest satisfaction.

Education Information

While experience is typically the best way to get a job in catering and restaurant management, earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree can help you gain useful knowledge and skills that can be applied to jobs in the field. Popular programs for aspiring catering and restaurant managers include restaurant, hospitality and food service management. These programs cover subjects such as food preparation, nutrition and sanitation, as well as courses in business, computer basics and accounting. Most restaurant chains also have their own programs for aspiring managers.

Get more information about some of the educational and training options available for this field by visiting these links.

Restaurant management courses:

Restaurant business in booming in all major cities of the world.major young entrepreneur are venturing into this business.if you have passion & one know how to handle it ,success is very easy to achieve.

Various courses can be done to understand restaurant& hotel business. These are as follows:

BHM: bachelor of Hotel management
Bsc in Hotel Management
Diploma in Hotel management
Diploma in Restaurant management
Diploma in Food& service Management
Diploma in Culinary arts
Diploma in Bakery & confectionery.
The students can opt for one of these courses& go for 3-6 months training in various five star hotels like Taj,The Oberoi,ITC, Hilton,Hyatt, Park Plaza,Sheraton,Ritz carlton etc.

They have to work for 4 to 5 yrs to gain experience & expertise to start their own venture.

Restaurant Management Job Opportunities:

After doing Diploma or degree programs in hotel management or restaurant management

Person can get following job:

Restaurant captain
restaurant manager
catering manager
chef job in kitchen
Bar manager
Purchase department job
Human Resource job
Marketing Job
Pastry chef
Outlet manager
Management trainee in Pizza hut,Mc Donald.
Shift manager

Full time programs/ part time programs

Various colleges are offering 3yrs or 4 years degree programs.diploma programs.

Part time or weekend programs:the students can opt for part time courses. They can work in morning time & work in hotel or restaurant in evening time.they get more exposure.

Following benefit of part time:

1.they can earn while learning through part time job.

2. more exposure of the industry.

3. More hand on experience in their field.

4. suppose a students is studying 1 yr diploma in bakery & confectionery,& also doing part time job in 5star hotel or bakery joints like chef baker, just bake etc. they will experience as well as earn the money while doing their job.

4. After working for 2 to 3 years in Hotel industry,students can go to abroad & earn huge sum of money, can opt for cruise liner job.

Start your own restaurant/ entrepreneurial venture

When you are starting our own restaurant ,you have to keep following point in your mind.


2. Land/ Property

3. Necessary govt. licenses

4.Type of restaurant

5.type of customer

6.Abilities & capabilities of staff

7. Equipment of the kitchen & restaurant

8. Type of meal

9.Ppricing of menu

10.Balance of menu

11. Merchandising menu or marketing menu

12. passion for the restaurant business

Capital or Finance : this is the primary requisite for any business.without capital or proper finance available no body can start an venture. In today’s global world getting finance is quite easy ,I you have right plan or project.one can approach bank,financial institutions, or company of individual who might be interested in your proposal& can fund you.it is always advisable to have 50% of our own capital.Never put all your capital in business,always keep 25% of total capital of bad times in case your business takes longer times to grow.it is called as sustainable capital.while making your proposal always mention your Break even point.* ow much time require to each there. All the financial institution are interested in that.

Land or Property: Land can be own ,rented,or leased. But in my opinion own property is better than rented or leased.the reason fo this is ones your business grows,our land owner can demand more money or he will attracted to start is own restaurant.in both ways your hard work will go in vain.

Necessary govt. licenses: one should procure all the necessary licenses before starting business.all these licenses vary from state to state.

Govt. registration

local body permit

Liquor license

Music license

Food service establishment permit

Business license

Employee identification number

Esi registration

PF registration

Tan number

Type of Restaurant:

There are various type of restaurant:

a. Standalone restaurant

b. specialty Restaurant

c. multi cuisine restaurant

d. barbecue rest

e.ethnic rest.

f.International cuisine

g. local cuisine

h. fast food rest

i.bar & restaurant

Type of customer: Customers can affect the type of food served because of following factors:
a. Age

b. Sex

c. Occupation

the young boys will need substantial meal while young girls prefer dainty or small portion food.old people will prefer small portion which can be eaten & digested easily while laborer or farmer will need good quantity o food in cheap price.

Capabilities of kitchen staff: the kitchen staffs capabilities have to be seen,whether they will be able to cope with high class cookery, whether they are experienced & have necessary skill & knowledge.
Equally important is serving staff.if they are trained,educated,experienced & well dressed, dishes could be served in neat & presentable manner.

Equipment of the Kitchen& restaurant: while starting the restaurant, it is important to see that the kitchen & restaurant are well equipped with necessary equipment for smooth functioning of restaurant

Type of meal: the different types are-
a. breakfast

b. luncheon

c. dinner

d. supper

d. tea

Breakfast: there are 3 types of –

North Indian
South Indian

Luncheon menus: menus are shorter than dinner with less courses. A six course sequence is given:

1.Appetizer- fruit or shellfish cocktail, caviar, oysters,smoked salmon etc

2.soup – thin,thick creme soup,puree are served

3. fish – the fish could me steamed ,grilled,fried,smoked etc

4. meat /chicken-stews, banquettes,goulash,cutlet,roasted meat etc

5.sweet – hot puddings ,pancakes,ice cream fruit salad

6. dessert- fresh fruits n nuts

Dinner menu: dinner menu will be more elaborate

Pricing of menu: Always give value for money.the food cost should not exceed 40% of selling price.

Balance of menu: following point to be kept in mind:
1.no repetition of ingredients

2. no repetition of color

3. no repetition of words

4. avoid overbalance of menu.

11. Merchandising of menu: menus are planned & designed. Menu should reflect the policy& thinking of the management.the menu should be suitable for the market& ability of employees if the operation is to succeed.

12. Passion for the business: nothing great has been achieved by anyone who do not have passion for their business.work day & night ,have good relation with your customer & staff.

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The Indian Food and Beverage Services market is expanding rapidly at higher rate. The annual rate of growth is expected at 30 percent and will continue to grow with similar pace in the next few years. The overall scenario of the F&B service market has evolved over the past few years. There was a time when handful of brands were available in the market to eat out. But today, the customers are plenty of  choices. We have witnessed lots of  activities in F&B Services industry in the last 5 years, including exciting new service ideas, food and beverage offerings and new and innovative service ideas.Therefore, what are the emerging and current trends in the F&B Services industry? How will people eat, behave and be served in coming years? In this document we look at some of these emerging  trends that wili become part of everyday life soon.


Despite India’s great tradition of food, eating out was not as common as in the West until recently. Now, eating out is a regular form of culture, especially in the metros, mini-metros driven by increase in income, greater number of nuclear families and working women, and urbanization. Ingredients like truffles, artichokes, asparagus, Blending of cuisines, e.g. Italian with Thai is another customer choice. People are ready to experiment with food& drinks in todays time. To cater to these guest or customer more innovation are done in food & beverage sector.live ckitchen has replaced old traditional kitchen.in todays world people wants to prepare their food with the help of professional chef.The trend is increasing for customers to choose cuisines that reflect their lifestyle, and in the process reject the traditional options.. On the other hand, customers are also being  delighted with “street food” options served in a hygienic setting and good ambience. Another industry innovation is the dual format, e.g., café + librarybar, café + grill item, bar +music lounge, etc. Multi-cuisine restaurants, which offer a non-specialized feel, are however losing ground to specialist players with customers willing to pay more but unwilling to compromise on quality. The way forward is likely to be an adoption& innovation of both lesser known Indian flavors from the northeatern and tribal belts ,village traditional food as well as other international cuisines like Korean,Burmese,lankan,bali etc.. While South Indian, Punjabi and Mughlai cuisines tended to dominate the Indian offerings, there is now also demand for such dishes as Andhra Chicken Pepper Fry. Similarly, Bhutanese, African and Korean cuisines can also find acceptance among customers. Thus, there is opportunity for F&B players to innovate the traditional and new Indian flavors while offering both individually. Further, while a niche segment may be created for international cuisines, customization may be needed to ensure that they suit the Indian palate. In modern day people want more choice in  each segment.


Modern trends which is functioning very popular in todays scenario  online food& beverage order.People in metros donot have time for food or to venture out to new restaurant.to cater to those people taste bud various online food joint like FOOD PANDA, TINY OWL,Curry n bowl has come where people can order their food online or through mobile apps.Food will be served in stipulated time.cash on delivery option available for customer.whole range of choice will be given to customer.Customer can order cuisines such  as Continental,Chinese,Indian,Thai etc.


Most people in India are exposed to a variety of beverages from an early age: mothers serve homemade milkshakes, sharbats, chocolate drinks etc. However, beverages are themselves only a “sidekick” and at best served as fillers in-between meals.. This emergence began with the introduction of coffee chains more than a decade ago. This was also a first in terms of organized beverage retail, since the segment was earlier dominated by small local players like juice shops. In the past few years, coffee has become a fashion statement among the youth. With both Indian and international coffee chains mushrooming across the country, cafés are playing a key role in customer preferences . This growth has also prompted bigger international brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts to foray into the Indian market.Indian coffee chain cafe coffee day, cuppa coffee day,barista has gain popularity among young Indians& it has become meeting points for then. A lot can happen over a coffee talk a lot about Indian people who wants discuss every thing on the sun over coffee.

Tea has gain popularity in recents times with more outlet such as Chai bar, tea point,meeting point,99 variety of tea has come into place.nowadays we can various flavouirs tea like chocolate,strawberry,lime,peach,orange,mandarin flav.we also have fruit & herb flavours tea very popular among all section of society.

However, consumers are keen on trying out new variants such as flavored and herbal teas. awareness of the health benefits attributed to tea is another factor driving the expansion of tea-based chains like Chaipatty, Passion – My Cup of Tea, Tapri, Infinitea, Chai Point, Tea Junction, Tea Pot, Tea Center, Cha Bar. In modern world  people are least bothered about the style of service.wheather it is silver service or American service.the service is done from ,left hand side or right hand side of the guest.they are bothered about quality of food being served to the guest in nice environment with exceptional behaviour.they want entertainment while they visit restaurant.the service staff should be humble,passionate about work, fun loving person,discipline& can make them feel  home away from home.That is why most of the guest wants to celebrate birthday,marriage anniversary in hotel or restaurant.staff should be able to connect with guest &they shoudl enjoy their momemt with staff.

In todays world most of the people lives lonely,so they want to celebrate it with others .to enjoy those moments they want to go to hotel.so the staff should make their moment enjoyable by having fun games with games,singing birthday songs with complimentary cakes.these all make come to the restaurant regularly.


The development of the organized F&B market in India has taken time, due to which brands are still focusing on getting the fundamentals (the menu, the service etc.) .modern trend is that people donot want to go to particular place only for food & beverage, but they want entertainment in terms of sports,music,live performances.many bar will have sports equipment like snookers,pools,table tennis,live gaming zone.

• Brands which were primarily entertainment oriented, with F&B elements as add-ons. E.g., Sports bars, bookstore cafés. By adding entertainment options, F&B brands give customers another reason to spend more time at the dinner table, thus improving the average spend per visit. While some forms of entertainment are offered free of cost (for instance, live music), others games such as snooker require some additional payment.. Traditionally, restaurants were rated in terms of theme and ambience; now they are offering varied entertainment.

Modern trends require food& entertainment  for the customer to be get attracted.people can play indoor as well as outdoor games supplied with various food & beverage inorder to make the guest relaxed & enjoy from a hectic business schedule.

Infusion in Food & Beverage sector in India:

In todays time, world has become a global village. People are ready to try various cuisines,drinks,local food etc. They are ready to experiment with various cuisines& drinks.some of the innovative drinks& food which has been introduced  recently were, pasta with butter chicken,lasagne paneer do pyaza, keema samosa, 99 variety of dosas which include Indian,south Indian,Chinese ,continental  stuffings.etc.

People are ready to try herbal infusion drinks such as orange juice mixed with carrot juice,beetroot juice mixed with watermelon juice& flavoured with mint& lime.cucumber refreshing juice with alovera juice.

Emerging trend in food & beverage sector focus more on customer or guest centric.customer has to be involved during the whole process to make their outing as enjoyable experience.we have to remember that guest are ready to pay price for quality product. They should get value for their money.entertainment,fun sports,gaming,music,healthy & innovative dishes with  world class plateresentation. They should have wow moment after coming to our place.

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The Modern Kitchen

Home is where you shore up your ideas, where they are safe from the judgement of the world, protected from being corrupted and diluted.  Home is place where the most primeval and important of instincts are fulfilled in different assigned quarters; a room for sleeping, a room for cleansing, a room for learning, a room for social engagement and most importantly a room for food. Most often we don’t tread into this room called kitchen, a role primarily allotted to the matriarchs of the family. We don’t pay attention to the chores involved into detailing, the measures, the mix and the art that goes into creating the perfect recipe. We enjoy the offering on a platter hardly appreciating the toils our mothers, grandmothers and sisters have endured for our pleasure of eating.

Not so long ago, kitchen roles were dominated by women. In many cultures, dining rooms were alien and family gathered in large kitchens to enjoy the meals. Kitchens occupied most time of a daily routine for a woman, as families were large and there was little technology to aid cooking. As times moved on, and  the family dynamics shifted to nuclear families, so did  defined gender roles. More and more women found themselves in workforce with the couple sharing kitchen duties in very little time they could spare. As technology came to the aid, there was room for oven, toasters, coffee makers and many other devices that sped up the process of cooking a meal. The time a couple can afford and the advent of technologies have vastly influenced what a modern kitchen looks like.

Whatever the world throws at us in terms of modern restaurants to pre-cooked meals, it is easy to say, that we still crave for home made food. And even though the time to spare for kitchen duties is depleting, the design of modern kitchen still place a very prominent role in building a home. The surroundings and the design around us influence our moods, and a kitchen is  where we head to quell our stress, frustration, anger by indulging in food that uplift the brighter side of being a human. It’s the closest we are to the natural world surrounded with organic materials in fruits and vegetables in an otherwise industrial urban land. So, we spend on modular kitchens, that are neat and welcoming, with a sense of order, the old world wooden drawers and panels finding balance with the ultra modern technology of the oven or the chimney and the dim light warming our gentle souls. It brings out an effort in us, even  those of us considerably bad at cooking to give it a shot, make that Mexican omelette you had been wishing to make all your life or that cup cake you wanted to bake the Sunday afternoon. A well designed kitchen has an enigma that charms our souls into believing we are capable artists and encourages us to put our heart and soul to create our finest work. If we fail, we are encouraged to go back again because art can only get better with effort. A successful effort is shared with our families and friends as our anxiety ridden faces wait for opinions while we judge their every bite forming our own pre-conceived notions. May be it’s in our instinct, from our days as hunter gatherers, we love to feed others, offer and share food as it instinctively brings smile and happiness across other’s faces and across the vastness of communities. When we have warm reactions from our friends as they wait can’t get more of our food,  we are encouraged to experiment and try something new pushing our creative skills beyond the constraints of self doubt. There couldn’t be better service to humankind.

Kitchens are underappreciated modern marvels, they are home within a home. Modern kitchens are more than a place to kill your hunger, they are abode for creativity, inspiration, memorable moments, achievements and most importantly human happiness. They are places human bonds are strengthened; ties of families, friendships, trust and loyalty are forged. It’s no wonder we set a making our kitchens unique and beautiful.

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Spiceup Your Career in Hospitality!

Spiceup Your Career in Hospitality!
Faqs answered by Kavitha G, Director, ASK IHM, Bangalore

1) The hospitality business has widened its scope with many start-ups, events, food festivals, and new hangout places opening up. What are the latest job trends in hospitality business?

Due to the rapid growth in hospitality business with huge competition the following factors are considered to be the latest trends
1.Online Reference and Ranking means increase in business – Digital word of mouth can drastically impact the business revenue
2. Contemporary Cuisine – Most of the people today desire to taste contemporary cuisines
3. Slow Food preference – Gradually the fast food culture is loosing its value and people prefer healthy eating
4. Sustainability – Most of the guest expect hotels to follow some sort of Eco friendly environment policy and programs
5. Renewed Room service – Digital in room dining menus with online ordering
6. Home Delivery – Order online and menu delivered at your door step
7. International Knowledge in Demand – Increase in international guest has resulted in International hospitality programs for hospitality students.

2) Do you think there are enough opportunities in India for a student to start his/her career in this industry?

Tourism Industry is the second largest industry in the world and tourism in India is growing at rapid pace as well. Hospitality industry being part of Tourism has plenty of job openings. Indian Govt too promotes heritage tourism, medical tourism etc through its promotion in the name of “Incredible India” which has resulted in increase of foreign tourists. The growth of IT , Education, Real estate, Automobile sectors etc has too resulted in business people traveling at large numbers. Due to all the above mentioned factors rise in hotel rooms are very high across major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad , Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata thus creating multiple job opportunities for hospitality students with lucrative pay scale in Indian Hotel chains like Taj, Oberoi, ITC and much more.
Students after a year or two experience have the option of starting their own restaurant, Fast food outlet, Food kiosk, Industrial Catering Unit etc

3) What are important factors you look for while selecting students for hospitality courses?

-Candidates who are 10+2 pass of any stream, with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks
-Aptitude for the Hospitality / Service industry.
-Written and spoken fluency in English.

4) What is an average package for a fresher in this industry?

The salary package vary depending on the category of the hotel. Outstanding graduate students of hospitality are selected as Management Trainees after completion of the degree course with average pay scale of Rs.300,000 annually in a five star hotel chain.Students who join hotels, restaurants, event management firms at entry level in various departments like Food and Beverage service, Housekeeping, Food Production and front office earn minimum Rs.1,30,000 annually excluding TIPS, Service charge, on duty meal and other perks. Few hotels provides free accommodation as well.

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Culinary Courses for House Wives and Working Professionals @ ASK IHM, Bangalore


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Free Certificate Course in Professional Bar Tending and Carving at ASK IHM,Bangalore

ASK IHMCA Bangalore is the only hospitality management institute in India which offers free course in professional bar tending and carving.

Bar tending is the one profession which is highly paid in the industry and bar tending skill is in demand in hotels, cruiselines. Carving is an art and hotel management, culinary students who acquire carving skills find thier way to become Gardemanger Chef’.

With all the courses at ASK IHMCA Banagalore Free certificate course in Bar Tending and Carving is taugh to the students by leading Bar tender and master chefs respectively.

The same course could cost you approximately Rs.30,00 to Rs.50,000 if pursued in a Bar tening academy.

Join ASK IHMCA and become a Bar Tender / Gardemanger Chef!

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