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Emerging trends in culinary arts by ASK IHMCA

The culinary world is regularly developing, and chefs are always on the hunt of new innovative dish or additional procedure to bring their technique to the higher level. These most recent trends have been on the minds of some of the world’s leading chefs in recent years.

The following are the recent culinary trends:
The locally raised meats: using the locally raised meats from the farm is one of the newest trend. And chefs in modern days believe that when you buy the meats from local farm you actually ensure a promising future for local products. The main reason why the chefs are nowadays preferring local farm raised meat is that because of the freshness of the food that they are serving the guest.
Another very important culinary trend is kitchen garden now all the chefs are maintaining their very own kitchen garden were they could grow fresh vegetables and fresh herbs that are required for their kitchen which are very healthy and delicious.
Veggie desserts: lots of chef are trying incorporating the vegetables in dessert preparation so that it becomes a sweet savory deserts like granny smith apple pizza, black olives madeleines, black pepper strawberries, etc.
Classic international brunch: chefs in modern days are coming up with innovative international brunch menu where they include food items around the world. Some of the major attractions in brunch buffet setup are bagels, bacon, dutch baby pan cake,cinnamon rolls, crepe, dimsum, egg dishes such as eggs neptune,egg benedict, frittata, grillades, grits, salads, soups, souffles, tartines, roast meats. Etc.

Gluten free food: some people now a days are allergic to the wheat based products and people suffering from celaic disease are more and more concerned of their food with high gluten content in it. So chefs are coming up with a gluten free concept were they plan a gluten free menu which includes lots of ingredients which are free from gluten such as seeds, nuts, beans, egg, dairy products, fresh meats etc. Gluten free menu also includes lots of quinoa, buckwheat, soy, sorghum, millet based dishes etc.

Options of vegan: many people are preferring vegetarian food in this modern world as they believe eating meat is cruelty and unfair for the animals as they also feel the pain from the torture that they face in slaughter house. So chefs are planning menus which is free from meat and include t he ingredients that didn’t cause any suffering.

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