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Bukhara & Chef Quereshi – the culinary history of India

Bukharbukara-delhi-hotela is a Restaurant in Delhi.  ITC Maurya, Delhi is operating the restaurant that caters fine dining with awesome ambience.

Chef Imtiaz Quereshi was  born in a clan of well-known chefs to the Moghul Kings of India. Chef Quereshi was a predetermined to became a chef like his forefathers. When Imtiaz’s father died early, his mother apprenticed her seven-year-old son to her brother who was a famous chef of that time. Initially he started with low levy jobs, thus the young chef educated all the skill of the trade from his chief. During his tenure of Chef with his uncle, business prospered and progressively clients began to hunt for the young Chef Imtiaz. His uncle was quite disturbed and Imtiaz’s mother interceded to pull out her son from the internship – because the disciple was out-mastering his guru.


After that Chef Imtiaz joined a reputed food chain and soon he became the popular chef in the town. The restaurant also advanced an privileged status for catering all the main feast and parties in the town. Imtiaz proudly recollects his experience of catering for a banquet of 1000 pax attended by first Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal  Nehru. Eventually Chef Imtiaz got into a deal with the ITC group of India . A top notch group which operates Sheraton brand of hotels recruited Chef as their head of Kitchen operations.  Chef Imtiaz was inspired to explore the legendary cuisine of the Moguls. He spent years in improving the formulas, christening it Bukhara. The food was introduced at a restaurant by the similar name at the ITC Maurya Sheraton – New Delhi.

Rest is the history of Indian Culinary Arts.

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